Airport Fire Service

Cambridge Airport Fire Service
At Cambridge Airport Fire Station, the safety of our passengers is of paramount importance. We have a fully equipped and regulated fire station dedicated wholly to the airport. Our focus is on aviation and aircraft rescue matters underpinned by a structured training framework that all of our fire fighters undertake. The teams are kept at a constant state of readiness and able to deal with any number of situations these include any aircraft accident, emergency and ground incidents, aircraft standby, domestic fire calls, fire alarms, first aid calls, fuel spillages and re-fueling standbys.

Our Watch System
The Fire Service at Cambridge Airport operates a three watch system these are designated Red, Green and Blue watch. Each watch has a compliment of eight personnel and each watch consists of a Fire Station Watch Manager, supported by a Watch Supervisor and six fire fighters/crew commanders. The Fire Service has close links with external emergency agencies encompassed by the emergency plans. Participating in Emergency Planning, which requires effective communication and co-ordination, which is achieved through the Airport Fire Station Manger, David Thomas

 CAA Requirements

To comply with Civil Aviation Authority requirements, the crews and vehicles must be available and ready for immediate turn out at all times. When the crews are alerted, they must be able to reach any part of the airfield within three minutes and begin fire-fighting operations. The Airport Fire Service has become more business focused over recent years and is committed to exploring initiatives which can offer a service such as Flight Crew Training, Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher training

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