Airport & the Local Community

Cambridge Airport plays an important part in the Government´s Integrated Transport Policy as a regional Airport, and is the only Airport of its size in the United Kingdom to have been developed entirely by private funds and without Government or municipal help.

Cambridge Airport Consultative Committee

The Cambridge Airport Consultative Committee was established to meet the DETR rules in 1997; however the forum has been in existence since 1982 when Marshall of Cambridge decided, as part of its work and contribution into the community, to establish a platform to enable communication and consultation between the Airport, its users and the local community and provide details of business development and operation of the Airport to local people. Now operating to the Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines, the Committee, which is chaired by a local councillor, meets on a regular basis meets on a on a formally structured basis every six months with representation from a wide number of local interest groups including Local Residents´ Associations, City, County, District and Parish Councils, Airport Users, and Airport/ Company Management.

The Committee regularly receives and reviews records of aircraft complaints from members of the public as well as reviewing Airport operations. Airport Licensing and Regulatory matters are the responsibility of the Civil Aviation Authority; however the Committee acts as an influencing body and encourages a close dialogue between the Airport and the local community. The Consultative Committee has worked with Airport Management to introduce a number of changes to aircraft operations which have reduced noise and disturbance to local people as part of the Company’s Noise Amelioration Schemes, and this topic remains an important subject for the Airport and the Committee. The Airport and the Consultative Committee make regular contributions to DfT studies into the future of aviation.

Complaints about aircraft noise can be reported to the dedicated aircraft noise complaints hotline (+44 (0) 1223 373950) which is available 24 hours a day or by email, whilst complaints about non aircraft activities and the Environment can be reported to the Environmental Manager Mr James Heffron who can be contacted via the main Marshall Aerospace telephone switchboard (+44 (0) 1223 373737).

The Civil Aviation Authority – CAA
The CAA is a public corporation established by Parliament in 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator and provider of air traffic services. Its activities include economic regulation, airspace policy, safety regulations and consumer protection.

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