Cambridge Airport Opening Hours

 In order to ensure Air Traffic Control service resilience and minimise ad-hoc closures, as well as provide further support for the Air Traffic Controller training plan, the airport opening hours are being adjusted to the following:

 5th December 2016 to 30th April 2017 inclusive 08:00-18:00 Local seven days a week.

 All other airport services (ground handling, fuel etc) will be available from 07:00 to 18:30 seven days a week so that aircraft operators are able to take maximum advantage of the ATC operational period.

The operational hours will be assessed in April 2017 against the ATC training plan successes with a view to extend the length of the operational hours accordingly.







March 2017

22nd March – A343 Arrives at 1200





Please be advised all flight time and schedules are subject to change.